We boast of the most affordable prices in the region and the best customer satisfaction based on the number of referrals and customers who we serve to this day.


To be the best and efficient in provision of logistics and transportation.


Maintaining our efficiency and increasing our penetration in the world of logistics.

We know there are a number of freight companies to choose from but we feel our attention to detail provides the winning results that you seek backed by air freight rates that our experts will research and validate. When it comes to cargo we hope you'll take the opportunity to experience our services and for the fastest shipping available.

Sea Freight

Majuu Freight Forwarders has enough experience in shipping. Core business activities are ship chartering, ship operating and ship owning mainly in handling bulk cargoes (dry bulk and liquid bulk) and specialized cement carrier.

Air Freight

Our air freight experts are ready to help throughout the process of your shipment, from handling the initial quote with detail and diligence to tracking the shipping details from origin through to final destination, your single point of contact will make the entire experience efficient, professional and assist you in reaching your business objectives. .

Ware Housing

We offer warehouses that are fully insulated, located in a flood-free environment, state of the art safety equipment and with 24-hour armed security and guard dogs. Plus, with our CCTV monitoring, high-density floor capacity, raised warehouse flooring and loading bays,Majuu Freight Forwarders rightfully claims to operate the premier warehousing and storage facility in the Kenya

We Care About What You Care About

You want it delivered consider it delivered by Us.